How a Tech Worker Co-op Develops Client Projects

We consider our client work valuable if it satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The Camplighters involved in it are happy
  2. The clients we partner with are happy
  3. The end-users of the developed product are happy

In order to fulfill the first criterion, each project request we receive is evaluated by the people at Camplight. Most projects don’t usually match our values or interests. The rest have the potential of being worked on. The one project that gets chosen receives full dedication and attention from us up to the point where the client does their job, where “the client does their job” means:

  • Acquiring money to finance the project development
  • Making proper marketing so the project starts building user base
  • Being transparent to us as we are to them
  • Testing and giving feedback on a daily-basis

From these points the remaining two criteria are easy to be fulfilled. In order to make the client happy, we try to help them with advice on what’s most important from a development, design and business point of view. We ensure that there’s almost no managerial or communication overhead. Also, we seek daily feedback by doing frequent releases or at least sharing wireframes, user journeys and screenshots of developed features.

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