by GEO Collective
Aug 18
The Importance of Writing in a Cooperative
by Avery Edenfield
Aug 14
Polycot Associates at EFF-Austin
by Austin Tech Live
Aug 11
A Global Cooperative Ecosystem for a Fair Economy
by Maro
Aug 7

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Let's Get a Drink
GEO Collective
August 18
Documents are Social Actions
The Importance of Writing in a Cooperative
Avery Edenfield
August 14
Cooperative Ownership in the Tech World
Polycot Associates at EFF-Austin
Austin Tech Live
August 11
The Strength of Cooperation
A Global Cooperative Ecosystem for a Fair Economy
August 7
Impact Investing in Worker Co-ops
Project Equity
July 28
Everything Old is New Again
The Long History of Greenbelt's New Economy
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
July 24
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The Laura Flanders Show
July 21
Austin's Ongoing Ride-Hailing Saga
ATX Co-op Taxi & RideAustin prepare to face returning Uber & Lyft
Maira Sutton
July 17
Steps to Starting a Cooperative
An In-Depth Guide for Co-op Start-Ups and Conversions
Margaret M. Bau, USDA Rural Development
July 14
The Gift Economy of Standing Rock
Murphy Robinson
July 12
The Economics of Community
Addressing Member Financial Needs in Intentional Communities
Laird Schaub
June 26
The Story of Rise Up!
Principle Six, Ethical Manufacturing & the Power of Play
TESA Collective
June 23
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Aug 18 By Dominique, CoFED Racial Justice FellowI’d never actually experienced the sting of tear gas before, but I thought I had prepped myself for it...
Aug 18 From Andres Ruggeri Dear comrades,We are spreading this call for international solidarity, to demand for the appearance with life of Santiago...
Aug 17 Our alt/Right, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, etc. are a form of resistance to the profound cultural, political, and economic changes that are...
Aug 17 Currently, there are just 10 home care co-ops in operation, with another five in the formation stage. The co-ops are, or will be, located in...
Aug 17 My Red Light aims to become the Netherlands’ first official cooperative of prostitutes, where they have a say about their work schedule and the...
Aug 16 This moment belongs to us. Help us build economic democracy in Berkeley!Last year, you answered the call to support a resolution for the promotion of...
Aug 16 If you live or want to live according to the values of cooperation, sustainability, and equality this conference is for you. You’ll get something out...
Aug 15 Young cooperators all around the globe are already building more equal, fulfilling and caring workplaces. WE OWN IT! is a campaign powered by CICOPA...
Aug 15 View on Google Docs Go to the GEO front page
Aug 11 The Cuban government has ordered the closure and liquidation of a fast-growing financial services co-operative, Scenius.The minister of finance and...