How to Scale-Up the Cooperative Movement Without Sacrificing Cooperative Autonomy
Jan 8
14 Ways to Help Build the Solidarity Economy with GEO
GEO's Collective members send Season's Greetings and Many Thanks for your Support! Here are 14 Ways You Can Help Even More.
Dec 6
The Fall GEO Theme seeks to deepen awareness and understanding of the strong connections between solidarity economic activists and members of intentional communities through the common work they are doing. There are a variety of intentional communities:
Aug 26
Focus: Self-financing and Inter-cooperative Financing for Worker Co-ops
The topics presented at the ADWC pre-conference to the 2013 ECWD (Updated with 2 New Articles)
Jun 24
Still truckin' after three decades!
Thirty years later, the GEO Newsletter continues its ongoing work to catalyze worker co-ops and the solidarity economy.
May 4

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Blog and Gleanings

Apr 23 Unlike a bank, whose investments are controlled by private decision-makers and shareholders, a credit union can decide to give every member/investor...
Apr 23 3rd International Conference on Participatory Budgeting in North America September 25-27, 2014Oakland & Vallejo, California DEADLINE EXTENDED:...
Apr 21 Cooperative economics and civil rights don't often appear together in history books, but they should. From the mutual aid societies that bought...
Apr 21 A region that went through ... a crisis in the 1990s is that of Mercosur where hundreds of worker-owned enterprises emerged often with the full...
Apr 18 [C]ooperatives are well-placed to contribute to sustainable development’s triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental objectives plus...
Apr 17 Cuba's slow, cautious reforms to revive its state-run economy suddenly burst into life at businesses like Karabali, a Havana nightclub owned by a 21...
Apr 17 Most farmers will tell you that cooperation is crucial to keeping a farm running like a well-oiled threshing machine.But at Stone Soup Farm...
Apr 16 They were tired of being taken to the cleaners by their bosses — so they’re taking out the trash on their own.Pa’lante Green Cleaning, a 15-member...
Apr 16 What do cities need? People who care about them. Preferably, people with a little money to invest.The big mistake that many cities and states have...
Apr 15 APRIL 17th 6-8pmCUNY Grad Center,365 5th Ave, New York, Room 9204Join a panel discussion with: Chavannes Jean-Baptiste -Peasant Movement of Papaye (...