Why Your Co-op Should Become a Member of USFWC


Providing cooperative-specific business support for members is a primary service area. Consider the Federation your go-to-partner for assistance in establishing and growing your democratic workplace.

Custom Business Consultations - Member workplaces can request a 1-hour customized business consultation that includes specific resource recommendations, expert referrals, and need-based technical assistance support. This benefit is an update to, and fully replaces, USFWC's prior benefit of 4-hours of free technical assistance per member per year. 

Expert Referrals & Reduced Service Rates with select in-network cooperative and business developers. 

Growth Planning & Loan Readiness Support in partnership with our friends at Shared Captial Cooperative. 

Discounts with preferred vendors for credit card processing, payroll, investment services, travel discounts, and cell phone plans.

*In Development* USFWC-sponsored retirement plan, reduced rates on business insurance, and state-by-state healthcare plans

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