USACYC is Hiring an Organizing Director

USA Cooperative Youth Council is a national federation of youth (age 17 to 30) and their allies in the cooperative movement. USACYC is organized as a non-distributive, common equity cooperative - we are incorporated and recognized by the federal and Minnesota state governments as a 501c3 non-profit organization. The USACYC Core (i.e. Board of Directors) is comprised of up to 15 members elected from within the USACYC membership. 2016 marks USACYC’s fifth year of development, during which we are running its first formal membership drives and leading its third full year of educational programming. We are committed to building the world we want now through cooperation while upholding central values of justice and inclusion. We understand the power of youth in society and the cooperative movement to be one of challenge and catalyzation.

The 2016  Organizing Director position for CYC focuses on leveling up our work and impact, by building on and refining our solid foundation of annual educational programming, strong operational systems, increasing funding, base of committed leaders, and passionate constituency. The most key work for the coming year will be to execute USACYC’s first formal membership drive and follow-through with our membership to get them actively engaged in our governance, programming, and larger cooperative movement. This work will include implementing new tools for the engagement of our #coopyouth community that spans the country.

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