A Q&A with Victory Gardens Co-op

Tell us about Victory Gardens. How did it get started and how does it work?

Victory Gardens was started in 2012 by a group of friends and gardeners who saw an opportunity to teach people how to grow food. We’re fundamentally motivated to transform private and public space to become productive and bountiful, to decrease the reliance on the global food system, to promote consumption of organic fruits and vegetables, to empower individuals with the knowledge of food production and to inspire people to be outside, connecting with the earth. The first year, we boot-strapped and fundraised, holding onto our jobs, until we determined whether the model had legs. Once we knew more, we flushed out the ideas, model and organizational structure to GROW!

If you want food in your space but don’t know where to start, we can help! Depending on the customer’s needs, we generally start with a consultation to see the space and get a sense of how we can best help them meet their food growing goals and from that point, proceed with designing and building a garden, developing a garden map and planting guide or booking a series of coaching or veggie garden maintenance session. We do it all (even bring the seeds)!

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