Pint for the people: New brewery-restaurant touts democratic spirit isn’t the location that makes the state’s newest brewery unique. It's the fact that it's one of the few breweries in the state to operate as a worker-owned cooperative, granting employees equity shares in the business after one year of employment. While most breweries are owned as traditional small businesses, Harpoon Brewery became employee-owned in 2014.

Democracy Brewing will also dedicate a percentage of its profits to “promote democratic businesses.” Workers will also earn $15 an hour, in a nod to the national campaign to raise the minimum wage $15.

“This business model for us is about two American ideals. It’s about everyone enjoying the pride and profit of owning their own business,” said founder and worker owner James Razsa, 33, of Dorchester. “It’s also about democracy — specifically bringing democracy to the workplace.”

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