Onaman Collective Puts Art Into Resistance

Murdoch is one-third of the Onaman Collective, a group of three First Nations artists including Christi Belcourt, Michif, from Manitow Sakahihan, and Erin Konsmo, Métis/Cree from Onoway/Lac St. Anne, Alberta. Their mission, according to their website, is the creation of grassroots social change. But make no mistake, their art is nothing short of guerrilla artistic revolution designed to create both reaction and a sense of empowered unity among indigenous folks that they can, indeed, change the world.

The group’s name onaman refers to the red ochre paint, cooked and combined with other ingredients, used by the Anishinabek for thousands of years. In the Ojibway language, onaman refers to the action of combining and thickening something, especially for use as medicine.

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