A Letter to My Mutual Insurance Company

January 11, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

As a policyholder of State Farm Mutual I am writing to request proxy form for the upcoming annual meeting. Please send one for me at the address below at your earliest convenience.

I would also like to register a complaint. As a mutual insurance company owned by its policyholders, State Farm should more actively encourage policyholders to participate in governance. In an age when online portals and email are the norm, requiring a mailed letter to request a ballot constitutes an outright hindrance to such participation. It would seem appropriate to me for policyholders to be able to vote through the statefarm.com online portal, and to receive an email reminder for when they might do so. Through the portal, they might also learn about the issues facing the company and the board candidates. Anything less strikes me as an act of purposeful disenfranchisement.

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