East End Food Co-op to expand…but where?

The East End Food Co-op—one of Pittsburgh’s original sources of organic produce, vegan offerings and bulk foods—is looking to expand to a second location, in addition to the existing Meade Street store and cafe.

“We’ve been looking at a market study of metro Pittsburgh,” says Justin Pizzella, general manager of the Co-op, ”and a lot of sites are under consideration.”

“We’ve grown rapidly over the past three years,” he says. “We need a space to better serve our community and members.”

The Co-op, which has been around since 1980, now has 11,500 members—although anyone can shop there.

Pizzella cites several reasons for the growth: More people have become health conscious, so the products the Co-op sells now attract a larger audience. Operationally, they have improved as a business. And there’s a real word-of-mouth component to this sudden spike: “As people come to know us, they come to love us.

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