Declaration Of Principles & Action For A New World

Millions are rising globally to challenge corporate domination of government, people, and the commons, and building a ‘movement of movements’. Hundreds gathered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for the ‘Moving Beyond Capitalism’ Conference in August, 2014, and we share the millions’ principles for building a new world. This new world is founded upon the basic human rights principles of universality, accountability, transparency, and equity. It is rooted in interconnection, interdependence, and love. It is based on a popular sovereignty which involves direct, democratic participation in shared, from-the-ground-up, cooperative decision-making for collective action that serves the common good, with higher levels supporting the lower.

We will combat the toxic forces on which domination and tyranny variously rely, such as the patriarchy, hegemony, colonialism, and racism that exist within external oppressors, and even within our own movements at times. The resulting participatory-expansion promotes human development through direct engagement and social decision-making, and it fosters cooperation, a care economy, dialogue and a sense of agency, instrumental knowledge and wisdom, values clarification, and social consciousness. In this new paradigm, the enriched individual is part of a larger social whole, not an isolated atom, and thereby significantly enriches the whole, from the grassroots up, and in the millions.

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