Can you help us seed fund FairShares to help Mass Mosaic?

Mass Mosaic are willing to provide internet development expertise to us in exchange for us providing them with social enterprise expertise. To get both projects going, they have suggested a competition to redesign the FairShares logo, and that we purchase some web development tools to improve the FairShares website. Mass Mosaic founder Eric Doriean will provide his labour to us while we provide ours to him, and we will then support their project to create a global crowdsourcing economy. The money we need is surprisingly modest - just $400 so we're writing to our supporters rather than listing on a site like Kickstarter or Crowdfunder. Eric, myself and the FairShares Association have already donated. We're now asking our members and supporters to fund the difference. As Mass Mosaic will be a global brand, this a small investment to take the FairShares Model to a global audience.

All subscribers (and donors giving £25 or more) will be listed as supporters on the redesigned FairShares website.

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