Austin’s cooperative economy tops $1 billion in annual sales

"When we first started we were trying to plant seeds and … start businesses where people who did the day-to-day work owned and controlled it,” Pérez de Alejo said. “Now I think there’s a lot more receptiveness to it.”

When the Tamale House on Airport Boulevard closed last year, it left some long-time employees out of work. Some of them eventually came across the Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery, a worker-owned co-op founded in 2010.

Now, the Tamale House employees are working with Cooperation Texas to come up with a business plan in hopes of launching a new, worker-owned Tex-Mex restaurant co-op. They have a list of supporters in place if they start raising money, Pérez de Alejo said.

“They have a really loyal following,” he said, “and these are women who worked there almost as long as I’ve been alive.”

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