Another attempt to auction off the premises of VIOME averted

Today, Thursday December 17, has been the fourth time in 4 weeks that the threat of liquidation was averted. Energetic intervention of the VIOME solidarity movement, as well as the general strike mobilisations, achieved the cancellation of the 3 previous auctions. However, today the solidarity movement arrived at the courthouse to find the corridors of the auction court cordoned off by police in full riot gear. There were moments of tension and insults by the police, as the solidarity movement denounced the illegality of blocking a public auction process and demanded to meet the attorney.

Although the police presence prevented the bulk of the solidarity supporters to approach the site of the auction, the mass mobilization allowed them to negotiate the presence of delegates of the VIOME workers and solidarity members in the auction hall, to ensure that the auction does not involve any of VIOME's property.

Around 13.00 the auction started and the workers of VIOME made sure that there was no offer for the acquisition of the real estate property, but only of low-value movable assets of parent company FILKERAM, such as chairs, desks and printers. Hundreds of solidarity supporters were standing by along the police lines, ready to react in case there was an attempt to auction off the real estate property.

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