ACTION ALERT: USDA Rule Change Affecting Worker Coops - Comment by 11/14

Please register a comment on a proposed USDA rule change that could help finance business conversions to employee ownership! Worker-owners, cooperative developers, and anyone who supports worker ownership is encouraged to take advantage of this very important (and time-sensitive) opportunity.

What’s at stake? The USDA is proposing making its Business and Industry (B&I) guaranteed loan program available to business owners selling their business to employees.  This could greatly facilitate transitions to employee ownership by addressing two key barriers: (1) friendly financing and (2) phased timing for buy-outs. The USDA needs to hear support for this proposal from you!

Take Action in 3 Easy Steps:

1.    Review the detailed information and talking points below - contact with any questions or for support

2.    Submit a comment in support of the proposed language by Friday, November 14

3.    Email and let us know you commented

You can find more information at the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives website


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