Saquana began working at Milk Not Jails last winter as a Sales Associate. Part of her job includes taking orders from clients and preparing the invoices and schedules for Stephen, our driver, to make deliveries.  She was pleased to recognize the names of some of our clients, like Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, when she first joined Milk Not Jails.

The Yes Lab has put together a tremendous new tool to help activists develop campaigns, share the information and get help to carry out the project.  They call it “Action Switchboard” and it allows you to post the action to a website — they call the actions “Schemes.”  It allows people to see what you want to accomplish and get the kind of help you need, whether it is skills, supplies or

The initial effort to unionize originated at the store's second location, which opened in Middleton in 2010. Frustrated with scheduling, pay and disciplinary issues, workers at Willy West reached out to UFCW Local 1473 over the summer for guidance on the logistics of forming a union. Willy West employee Leah Clark says interest in unionizing is strong at the west-side store.

We are visiting Tierra Nueva to learn why it is so important that small-scale farmers organize themselves so they can farm organically, stay on their land and feed their families.

As a founder of Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin spends time delighting his fans, not suing them. The creators selected a Creative Commons license instead of All Rights Reserved copyright, choosing to focus their energy where it matters most for their business — writing jokes.

“It was only a matter of time before someone decided that two disruptive concepts — ride-sharing and digital currencies — were two great tastes that go great together,” said Eitan Katchka, one of over 50 La’Zooz contributors.

These labor markets depend on a kind of internalized offshoring. By fine-tuning an increasingly unstable employment regime—part of a countrywide “jobless recovery”—companies can focus on retaining and fairly compensating highly skilled (and highly sought after) employees, such as engineers, lawyers, programmers, doctors, and scientists.

Apple has 98,000 employees and earned $39.5 billion after tax over the past year. If Apple was a worker cooperative, then each employee would’ve received a $403,000 dividend on top of their salaries. Even the lowest paid worker would’ve earned at least $403,000 in Apple as worker cooperative.

The week before the event I sent my kids scrambling to find things to add to our give-away pile. My kids knew which parents were coming to the exchange so the clean-out was fun.

In a sparsely populated country with a short summer and long, hard winter, the idea of people working together for a common interest comes naturally. As a result there are more member-owners of co-operative enterprises in Finland than there are people.


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