Make the Road is in the planning stages of creating a workers’ cooperative that will focus on providing jobs, career support and training for transgender immigrant Latinas in Western Queens, many of which face a language barrier and discrimination in the job market.

Akinyele Umoja first met Chokwe Lumumba in 1978. As founding members of the New Afrikan Peoples Organization and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Umoja and Lumumba naturally shared a passion for the politics of the black-power movement. Their ideologies diverged on one big issue, however: basketball.

The intersection of Central and Lowry Avenues in northeast Minneapolis is bustling. On the northwest corner is a trifecta of local businesses: A bike shop, a cooperative brewery, and a bakery, in buildings with eye-catching exteriors of rough-hewn wood and silvery porcelain bricks. The neighborhood grocery co-op is one block up the street.

This short film reveals who Arizmendi was, how he became the spiritual father of a multi-billion-dollar network of businesses, and how “Arizmendi’s Secret” is quietly offering a practical solution to the crippling problem of income inequality in the US and elsewhere.

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Shame to see plans for SeaFrance to become a worker co-op have run aground.  This is despite having political, legislative and support structures that promote worker co-operative buy-outs.

“The cooperative, was to be financed by workers’ standard lay-off  payments as well as “exceptional” cash of 60,000 euros per worker, paid by SeaFrance’s parent company, state-owned rail form SNCF.”

Imagine an online marketplace, similar to Amazon or eBay, that only sold ethical goods. Now make that marketplace a multi-stakeholder cooperative that involves sellers, consumers and the team building and running the platform along with other stakeholders. That's the vision for ethicalBay.

There’s been a lot of noise lately in the debate in Vancouver over whether the city’s licensing board should allow the crowd-based ridesharing service Uber into its passenger transportation landscape. This battle is one that is high-stakes: loaded terms like “cartel” and horror stories of sexual assault by unlicensed drivers have been tossed by the two sides.

Just before his State of the Union address last month, President Obama showed up in the small city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, to highlight the work of Cedar Falls Utilities, a publicly owned utili


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