GEO 10 (II)

Wings Press trailer for 2010-2011 celebration of John Howard Griffin and the 50th anniversary of "Black Like Me"

What would the world be like had America truly learned about Griffin's identification unconscious white racism and had acted even in individual ways on his belief that there is no "other"?

By Dan Robertson

By Robert Bonazzi

Published in the Modern American Classic edition of Black Like Me, Penguin Group, 2010

In 1959 John Howard Griffin—a white novelist from Texas disguised as a Negro—began a six week journey through the segregated Deep South. Fifty years later his personal testament for human rights has become a modern American classic.

A Remembrance by Robert Bonazzi

Originally published in the The San Antonio Express-News


John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me turns 50 on November 1, 2011.

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