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Friday October 14, 2011, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! keynoted the first CICOPA North America Worker Co-op conference in Quebec. Goodman addressed an audience of over 150, including many representatives from worker cooperatives across Canada and the United States.  She told us: "We need a media that covers the movements that create static, and history, like yours." While her main message was about the importance of independent media, she also commented that, "As the Occupy Wall Street movement looks for solutions -  this is what all of you are about!"


By Jim Johnson, GEO Collective

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by Jim Johnson, GEO Collective

Past issues of GEO have reported on the emergence of a particular type of worker cooperative, the home care cooperative. In the 1980s, the federal government followed the lead of state governments like Wisconsin and acknowledged that elderly and disabled people who need help in day-to-day living are best served by in-home assistance. Medicare and Medicaid funding that would have otherwise been used only for nursing homes would now be applicable to home care services.

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