By Pamela Boyce Simms

The dismantling of the American administrative state and the environmental protections that it afforded the citizenry is in full swing. As Senior Advisor to the 45th President, Steve Bannon unabashedly proclaimed, "I'm a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that's my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment."

It is high-time for individuals — particularly those in “the 20%” (top quintile by either income or assets) who self-identify as “progressive” — to put their money where there mouth is.

That vast majority of Americans with financial assets choose to invest in the stock and bond markets, either directly or indirectly via pooled investment vehicles like mutual funds and ETFs.

The future needs people who are agile and resilient ~ who lean into complexity with curiosity, confidence and collaborative skills.

[W]e are training students both how to give and receive feedback, which is a grossly underdeveloped skill in Western society, and a foundational piece in the cooperative culture we are trying to replace it with. It's my view that the wider culture does a piss poor job of acculturating its citizenry in this kind of communication. Mostly we grow up learning how to stonewall, deflect, belittle, defend, or counterattack. Listening for useful information, sadly, is frequently the last option considered.

Co-operatives and technology have a curious relationship. While the larger retail societies have whole departments related to digital and can employ experts in the field, many smaller co-ops struggle to find the time, skills and budget to fully embrace the technologies that could help them develop and grow.

The city’s so-called renaissance has reached only small portions of its 139 square miles, leaving much of the population—which is more than 80 percent African-American—behind.

by Josh Davis

In her recent blog post about this year's Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, Pamela Boyce Simms made this observation about the value and limitations of the kinds of "in-the-streets" protest and civil disobedience that are the bread-and-butter of many activists.

Esta é uma edição muito especial de nossa revista EasyCoop. Investimos em boas reportagens, a começar por um tema que nos é muito caro: as cooperativas de trabalho. Elas foram praticamente ignoradas na tramitação da reforma trabalhista. O cooperativismo de trabalho passa por um momento difícil e precisa modernizar sua gestão para conseguir sobreviver.

What do you do when the state of the world makes you so angry and/or demoralized that you don’t even want to leave the house? A new board game called Rise Up: The Game of People & Power, and created by former Hampshire College students, is the answer!

The recognition of SSE by international institutions and civil society organisations, as part of the alternative to the multiple crises that effect our civilisation and our planet means we need to explain our origins, our vision and our history. This effort is meant to be a modest contribution to this task.

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