In just ten months, the SLF has awarded over £1.7 million to 58 community initiatives. While most are development projects looking for small amounts of money to investigate their community ownership ideas, 13 of these groups have been awarded funding to acquire assets.

Solidarity Economics

This issue was co-produced with the team at the Institute for Solidarity Economics.

Climate Column—James Angel 

This is an official booklet produced by the Social Economy Development Centre, which is a part of the TEV DEM [Movement for a Democratic Society]. It lays out the basic principles under which cooperatives in Rojava run, based on decisions made after many meetings, which were attended by all of Rojava’s economic committees.

A Montana ROC leader has been voted the new ROC Association Director for the Mountain/West region.

Joe & Sam interview Yochai Gai of the Boston TechCollective, a worker-owned cooperative in the greater Boston area.  After working first independently and then with other organizations, Yochai founded and operated the San Francisco TechCollective in 2006.  In late 2012, he took that idea coast to coast and co-founded the Boston office.

by Josh Davis


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