Because of the increase in the demand for medicines and the absence of some important ones in Rojava, a decision was made to start a cooperative project to satisfy Jazira Canton‘s [Kantona Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] need for medicine.

Land trusts are innovative organizations that are part of the solution to housing challenges around the world. Here in British Columbia, the Community Land Trust helps protect and expand co-operative and non-profit housing. New homes are being built now in the City of Vancouver!

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The Vietnamese government is committed to a bringing in co-operative revolution, said prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

He was speaking at the 10th Asia-Pacific Co-operative Ministers’ Conference in Hanoi, where he said the co-op model was  important for national development, with around 70% of the country’s population living in rural areas.

Green America is proud to introduce the six finalists for this spring''s People & Planet Awards for finalists with a commitment to green gardening

“(The Triangle) has always been a very supporting community in terms of local foods — but numbers at the local farmers markets have been going down,” said Kelly Morrison of Color Fields Farm in Hillsborough.

Morrison and a group of local farmers think they have found a solution to those limited options.

KINGSTON – The residents of the 212 homes at Town & Country Estates can say they spent Wednesday buying a mobile home park.

The applause at the announcement “It’s done, It’s done” spoke for itself as the new owners of the mobile home park celebrated one of the most significant purchases of their lives.

The paper explores the rationale and potential for practitoners in both complementary currencies and platform cooperatives, and their associated researchers, to consider the role of open protocols to grow the digital commons and avoid a digital dystopia of platform monopolies. The authors contend that there have been two parallel worlds of practice that have hitherto had little interaction.

At a point in time when more and more people are understanding the problems associated with capitalism and beginning to criticise capitalism, it is not an accident that all forms of value are being called one or another type of capital, thus muting or silencing the critique of the domination of capital. More and more people recognize the need for ending the unlimited accumulation of capital and ending the domination of capital over communities of people, replacing it with authentic, deep democracy.

NCBA CLUSA is thrilled to announce that a decades-long absence of federally-reported data on co-ops in the U.S. will end with the 2017 Economic Census. The Office of Management and Budget on Friday approved without change or question the main 2017 Economic Census package, which includes a question identifying cooperative businesses.

“The idea that co-operatives are structurally less efficient than capitalist firms is common among scholars, policy makers and public opinion,” says Prof Borzaga, “even in countries where co-operatives are a key contributor to employment and income generation and are the predominant form of enterprise in important sectors of the economy.”


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