NEWS FLASH: CICOPA North America was formed in Quebec

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Last night, CICOPA North America was formed in Quebec at the first ever North American Worker Cooperative Conference!

Also at the opening of the conference last night, it was announced that US Federation of Worker Cooperatives President Rebecca Kemble (member of Union Cab of Madison Cooperative) has been named President of CICOPA North America! In serving as president, Rebecca also fills the positions of Vice President of CICOPA of the Americas, and member of the Executive Committee of CICOPA.

Jessica Gordon-Nembhard and Jim Johnson are at the conference representing GEO (among other of our affiliations). We will try to do more blogging through the remainder of the conference.

CICOPA General Secretary Bruno Roelants is here (featured in GEO back in 2002). Also the banquet keynote speaker on Friday night is Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! - whom we have been trying to get to cover worker co-ops for the last couple of years.
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