#OWS links--Oct 7-9

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Local Reports

Wall Street Protest Spurs Online Dialogue on Inequity
Published: October 8, 2011

What began as a small group of protesters expressing their grievances about economic inequities last month from a park in New York City has evolved into an online conversation that is spreading across the country on social media platforms.


Wall Street Protest Visits Washington Sq.
October 8, 2011, 7:23 PM


Series of reports on Boston, DC, and Baltimore


Interesting Commentaries

Youth movement in a culture of hopelessness

Henry Giroux says Wall Street protests need to stay centred on the most marginalised population of the US: young people.
Interview by: Jesse Strauss, Al Jazeera English

Sunday 9 October 2011

Nytimes editorial strongly supporting #OWS

Bill McKibben's Speech at Occupy Wall Street

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Press Passes
John Grant
I spent a day in Freedom Plaza, a triangle of concrete adjacent to several high-end hotels with shiny black Mercedes limos out front three blocks from the White House. It's Washington DC's entry in the Occupy America phenomenon. I came wearing two hats. One, I'm a Vietnam veteran member of Veterans For Peace who has actively worked for over a decade against our bankrupting wars. And, two, I'm an experienced journalist with a master's degree who works in both images and words. I won't take a back seat to anyone in what is known as the Main Stream Media.

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