Noreena Hertz in the spotlight

I found this at socprof's blog the other day.  I have been disappointed that Jeff Sachs has been among the most popular economists, but has not gone far at all.  Paul Krugman is really pretty good, but has never even mentioned co-ops to my knowledge.  Nancy Folbre, introduced by Michael Johnson at this blog, has started planting some seeds.  Here's another in Noreena Hertz:  


Co-op capitalism, Hertz says, will rise from the ashes of Gucci Capitalism. These days she is taking notes of best practices around the world to help identify new ways of operating. She singles out the billion-dollar open-source Linux model and the field of biotechnology, where collaboration between academic institutions and companies is the norm. She points to the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, where much of the economy is based on a cooperative model.