Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society's Excess, Courage, and Wisdom

Oh Canada, Once My Home and Now a Very Strange Land

Commentary by Paul Watson
Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

It appears to be a trend in modern politics that the only way you can be elected is to be moderately insane or just plain stupid. There are not many "A" students getting the job these days. A "C" grade is enough to run the good old US of A but in Canada you can be a complete moron and be appointed as the Minster of Public Safety.

Stockwell Day, the Minister in question, actually believes that dinosaurs are extinct because they could not fit on Noah's Ark. He also believes that people who die of AIDS are receiving their just punishment from God and that Asian students should be banned from Canadian Universities because they are just too damn smart. Mr. Day is such a laughing stock in Canada that over one million people in a nation of 33 million voted in favour of a referendum to change his name to Doris Day.

He's a member of course of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government. It's a minority government and this right wing wacko party is kept in power because of the support of the leftist socialist party the NDP (New Democratic Party) also known as the Nature Destruction Party for their slash and burn policies that destroyed British Columbia forests in the Nineties. The current Conservative government believes the best way to combat global greenhouse emissions is to chop down more tress and increase growth the manufacturing, resource extraction and transportation industries and oh yes, to squeeze every drop of oil from the Alberta tar sands as possible."


      I'd like to reflect on this piece also.