State of the Worker Cooperative Wrap Up

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Final Thoughts: Sunday August 8, 2010 USFWC UofC Berkeley 5:30pm

-Have the opportunity to give new meaning to the term ownership society

-Need to market the fact that we are co-operatives and make co-ops visible and put the co-op model front and centre

-Democracy's moment has returned. This is our moment and we have to advantage of it

-All the sideshows are becoming a circus

-Emerging trend of more local and regional organizing

-Seeing the value of conflict as a source of intimacy and growth, we shouldn't worry about resolving conflict as much as learning to fight better

-We need to be more involved in anti-oppression training

-Goal is to create diverse democratic workplaces and respect human dignity. Great seeing the diversity of colour at the conference

-Refine on what we have done and expand on that


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