Support the Cooperative Financial Education Kit

We are ABC: A Bookkeeping Cooperative, AORTA: Anti-Oppression Resource Training Alliance, Open Bookkeeping, and TESA Collective. As bookkeepers, educators, community organizers and co-op developers, we spent a year interviewing and surveying twelve partner organizations about their financial literacy and decision-making.

We found that most groups did not know how to bring an anti­-oppression and democratic mindset to their finance systems, and lacked financial literacy, systems, and management skills. That's how our vision for the Cooperative Financial Education Kit began.

What is the Cooperative Financial Education Kit?

The Cooperative Finance Education Kit will strengthen movements organizing for justice and the cooperative economy by increasing the financial literacy of the organizations that make up our movements.

The kit bridges the gap between financial literacy skills and justice-oriented organizing by creating a free, digitally downloadable multimedia toolkit that will be available in both Spanish and English.

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