Help the Grandwall Bouldering Cooperative!

The Coop is on par with the some of the best training walls for climbing in the world such as the Schoolroom in Sheffield and the Crimpshrine in SLC. Many of Squamish’s strongest climbers have and continue to train in this gym. But despite its reputation as being exclusive to the local hard-man, beginners find this place as a fun oasis. The wide variety of holds and angled walls make it easy to choose the difficulty of climbs, while routesetting offers everything from V0- to V-hard. As with any cooperative, everyone’s welcome, and that includes introverts, extroverts and every character in between. The Coop, as some would say, is special…

Despite its appeal and affordability, the Coop’s member base has dropped significantly due to a new commercial climbing gym in town meaning staying open next year is currently NOT an option unless things change quickly. But the difficulties have inspired ideas for improvement… Things once frowned upon, like route-setting, are now the norm. An old rule of needing two years climbing experience was banished, thus welcoming beginners and children alike. It opened its doors to dry toolers and training clinics, while modern training equipment such as an LED MoonBoard were installed and the campus board upgraded. While the improvements have helped boost memberships, it still isn’t enough.

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