Viome Solidarity Network Resists Attempt to Cut off Power

Around 9.00 in the morning today, a group of DEI (electricity provider) employees managed to come inside the premises of Viome and interrupt power supply, with the intent to cut off the wires that bring electricity to the entire industrial facility, which consists of the Viome factory and the the now empty buildings that used to house Viome's ex-parent company, Filkeram.

Immediately, the workers of Viome peacefully but firmly confronted the electric company employees and demanded that the power be restored. At the same time, the solidarity network was sent an emergency signal, and a couple of dozen solidarity supporters came to the factory soon after.

Two police motorcycles approached the area, but did not intervene.

Under the pressure of workers and solidarity members of Viome, the power was restored and the DEI crew left the premises peacefully. It was a tense moment that tested the reflexes of the solidarity network and its capacity to respond to emergencies.

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