Inclusion in Africa: 21 case studies in co-operation

Building Inclusive Enterprises in Africa was produced following a conference that Cooperatives Europe (the European cross-sectoral organisation representing cooperative enterprises) and ICA Africa jointly organised within the ICA Global Conference in Cape Town in 2013. Cooperatives Europe and the Co-operative College drafted the document based on the contributions from experts of the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform.

“With increasing interest in the co-operative model for development, evidence of real life co-operative achievements also becomes increasingly important,” said Simon Parkinson, chief executive and principal of the Co-operative College. “Studying these success stories enables us to highlight the diverse ways in which co-operative organisations contribute to an inclusive and sustainable development process and to replicate successful practices.”

The case studies in the report cover four themes: empowering young people and women; empowering communities in rural areas; co-operation among co-operatives – building strong networks; and innovative co-operative models.

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