Organizing Communities Across Boundaries: An Organizing Teach-in

Wonderland Camp and Conference Center, Camp Lake, Wisconsin

This weekend-long organizing teach-in is designed to provide a follow-up to the United States and Midwest Social Forums for Midwest-based grassroots organizations, activists, and students, and to contribute to the continued development of the social justice movement in the Midwest. The teach-in focuses on the development of collaborative relationships and organizing skills, strategies, and tactics. More specifically, the event is tailored to strengthening regional social and issue area networks and their interconnections, and to providing valuable training in certain key aspects of organizing, focusing in particular on the challenges of building broad-based coalitions across race, gender, class, age, issue area, and other sources of division within the social justice movement. The teach-in will offer a number of high quality workshops and interactive activities designed to enable participants to identify both the interconnections between different communities and struggles as well as the causes of ongoing division among them, and to develop the organizing strategies, tactics, and skills needed to establish stronger social, strategic, and organizational links and thereby break out of the "silos" that have served to segment the social justice movement.

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