As France celebrates its 14 July independence day (Bastille Day), the country is witnessing an increasing number of co-ops, with over 263 co-operatives set up in 2013. By contrast in 2012, 248 worker co-operatives were created in France.

The P2P Foundation is a full supporting partner of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, or CIC. We feel that they’re doing essential work in prototyping pre-figurative models of peer production, governance and property.

DATELINE: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, July 14, 2014

The Center for Global Justice/Centro para la Justicia Global, a bi-lingual think-tank in this popular vacation town, will hold a conference titled "Moving Beyond Capitalism" July 29 to August 4.

Join Jenny Kassan, CEO of Cutting Edge Capital, for a free one-hour webinar to learn how you can raise money using a Direct Public Offerin

Conversations about income inequality are becoming more and more mainstream, but what about conversations about class identity? While Occupy Wall Street gave us the paradigm of the one versus the ninety-nine percent, rarely was there any discussion of the diversity of economic experience within that ninety-nine percent. Why is this conversation missing and how is it essential to movement building?


Before the formal opening of the conference, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition (JPNET), a Transition initiative in Boston that is also part of the Institute for Policy Studies, led a new economy tour of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood.  After reading and hearing about many of JPNET’s projects, from th


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