NCBA CLUSA is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Frank as executive director of the newly incorporated Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA).

Backyard gardeners and urban homesteaders are coming together to share excess produce in increasingly popular local meet-ups known as crop swaps, where neighbors exchange, say, beets and greens for apples and squash.

The financial crisis of 2008 and the post Lehman Brothers abyss led to many calls from politicians and commentators in the media for new forms of capitalism and a move to responsible capitalism, and a rebalancing of economies.

Fourteen years ago, when Praxis Peace Institute was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from a conference held there, we posed the following inquiry: How could we achieve cultures of peace from where we were? Why did mankind seem incapable of learning the lessons of history but adept at waging the same wars over and over again?

1752: Benjamin Franklin –Philadelphia Contributionship of the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire


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