Informal References for The Cooperative Movement vs. Global Capitalism

(Chronologically, starting with most recent)

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, Clark University, Worcesterm Ma
July-10-12, 2015.

New Economy Coalition/2015 US Social Forum. Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Jun 24-28, 2015.,

Chavez and the Communal State/ John Bellamy Foster/ Monthly Review. April 1, 2015:

Leenson, Eric. Analysis Just Ahead - Cuba's Cooperative Groundswell. May 15, 2015:,

Alperovitz, Gus, et al, The Next System Project: New Political-Economics for the Twenty First Century. March 2015.

Graeber, David. The Utopia of Rules (On technology, stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy). First Melville House. February 2015.

Trouble in workers’ paradise. The collapse of Spain’s Fagor tests the world’s largest group of co-operatives. Nov 9th 2013 | MADRID | From the print edition, The Economist

Mondragon: An alternative to capitalism or part of the capitalist scheme of things?

Mondragón and the System Problem Friday, 01 November 2013 09:04 By Gar Alperovitz and Thomas M Hanna, Truthout | Op-Ed; republished: Michael Fox, Venezuela’s Co-op Boom, May 11,2011.

Anti-Capitalist Meet-up: The Development of a Cooperative Economy in Practice

Separating Utopian Goals from Working Models. By Geminijen;

Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Is A Non-Exploitive Economy Based on Worker-Own Cooperatives Possible? by Geminijen;

Personal Interview with Evergreen Initiative cooperative developers. Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy ( Margaret Rapp, July 10, 2011.

SteelValley.Org Green Coop Industrial Laundry Wins $250,000 from Heinz in Pittsburgh. 6/10/2011

The Rise Of Shared Ownership And The Fall Of Business As Usual; Jeffrey Hollender, Mon Jun 27, 2011

Ted Howard, Lillian Kuri and India Pierce Lee, The Evergreen Cooperative Initiative of Cleveland, Ohio:Writing the Next Chapter for Anchor-Based Redevelopment Initiatives. The Cleveland Foundation
White Paper Prepared for The Neighborhood Funders Group Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN. September 29 – October 1, 2010

Worker Co-ops & Unions: a Strategy for Creating Jobs and Growing Union Membership. By Deborah Groban Olson, Center for Community Based Enterprise & Ingenuity US, L3C. PPT Presentation to US Federation F Worker Cooperatives. Aug 6, 2010 Howard, Ted and Steve Dubb, and Gar Alperowitz,  The New Economy, the Summer 2009 issue of YES! Magazine

Personal Interviews with Cooperative Members and representatives of Banco Mujer, Venezuela (Caracas & Lora, 2008). Rapp, Margaret.

Camila Piñeiro Harnecker. Workplace Democracy and Collective Consciousness: An Empirical Study of Venezuelan Cooperatives. 2007, Volume 59, Issue 06 (November):

The Lavaca Collective, Sin Patron: /stories from Argentina’s Worker-Run Factories,  Buenes Aires, Argentina @2004 lavaca Collective. Transl. @ 2007 Haymarket Books,

Castenada, Nora and the Women’s Development Bank of Venezuela, Creating a Caring Economy. Crossroads Books @ 2006 Global Wolmen’s Strike.

"Worker-Owners and Unions: Why Can't We Just Get Along?"  Dan Bell. Dollars & Sense. September/October 2006.

 [exerpt] "Corporation Busting: A strategy for Unions and Coops Toward Building a Labor-Ownership Economy."by Lisa Stolarski. Issue 71 of Grassroots Economic Organizing. DECEMBER 18, 2006

"Unions and Cooperatives: Allies in the Struggle to Build Democratic Workplaces."by Lisabeth L Ryder.Issue 71 of Grassroots Economic Organizing . Dec 18, 2006.

Personal Interviews with cooperative members from Nicaragua (Managua, Grenada, 1999).  Rapp, Margaret.

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