Worker-owned firm turns trash to cash

With its recycling and composting business, Cooperative Energy, Recycling and Organics, known as CERO Cooperative, has dedicated its efforts to creating green jobs in the local food economy. The effort is something its leaders view as for the Boston community, but now CERO is asking the community to show its support — with cash.

In the new climate of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, CERO is using what is known as a Direct Public Offering to raise the money it needs to back the business. Once approved through compliance regulators, a DPO opens the doors to non-accredited investors or anyone who wants stock in the company for putting money into it.

While CERO’s founders, a group of Dorchester, Roxbury and East Boston worker-owners, have been developing the recycling business since 2013, the business started operations in October 2014 and has hit the ground running.

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