Tony Bacigalupo on Creating Vibrant Coworking Spaces

Tony Bacigalupo wears many hats. He was the “mayor” of the now-closed coworking space New Work City, he’s one of the masterminds behind the freelancer productivity program Cotivation, he’s a coworking visionary, and now he's an author.

His new ebook, No More Sink Full of Mugs, offers up his hard-won wisdom to coworking space operators everywhere. Full of tips, insights, and creative problem-solving techniques, the book addresses the most common challenges of running a coworking space, including how to build community; how to set work hours; how to handle troublesome members; how to keep up with the never-ending demand for coffee; and, of course, how to keep the kitchen sink from constantly filling with dishes.

Shareable caught up with Bacigalupo to find out more about the challenges of running a coworking space, how coworking space operators can better engage their communities, and what a sink full of dirty mugs has to do with coworking.

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