STIR to Action Issue 16

Solidarity Economics

This issue was co-produced with the team at the Institute for Solidarity Economics.

Climate Column—James Angel 

"Switched On London—a coalition of environmentalists, trade unions and community organisations—campaigns on municipal energy in London, advancing a vision premised upon clean energy, social justice and democracy."

Commons Column—Robert Raymond 

"BroodFonds is an insurance-like facility for self-employed individuals. The idea is simple: freelancers get together in small groups and put aside money each month. If any of the members are unable to work for an extended period—usually more than 30 days—they are supported financially by the rest of the group."

Interview—Jessica Gordon Nembhard

"The other thing about the relationship between co-ops and civil rights groups was that some Black liberation organisations kept their members fed and earned money to continue their political work by engaging in co-operative work and collective ownership. The Black Panther Party, which maybe some don't think of as a civil rights group but it was, used co-operative economic activity so their members can actually volunteer in the Party."

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