The Southern Cooperative Movement

This theme of Grassroots Economic Organizing celebrates the positive legacies and accomplishments of cooperative development in the past and lights the path to further growing the southern cooperative movement.

The Cooperative Movement in the South: Editor's Introduction by Jessica Gordon Nembhard


Jackson on the Rise! The Movement to Build Economic Democracy in Mississippi by Cooperation Jackson

Jackson, Mississippi is Rising: An Interview with Organizer Kali Akuno on Sustainability, Race, Class and Solidarity Economics by Dara Cooper

International Values and Principles of Cooperation by Southern Grassroots Economies Project (SGEP) [to be posted 4/29/14]

Struggling to End Southern Bondage by Ed Whitfield [to be posted 4/29/14]

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund works to end poverty and start social justice in the rural South by John Zippert [to be posted 4/30/14]

Black Farming, Self Determination and Resilience: An Interview with activist and researcher Monica White, PhD by Dara Cooper [to be posted 4/30/14]

The Co-op that Changed the South by David Thompson [to be posted 5/1/14]

The Benefits and Impacts of Cooperatives (excerpts) by Jessica Gordon Nembhard [to be posted 5/1/14]