Solidarity Economy Organizing In a Moment of Resistance

The history of “New Economy” or “Solidarity Economy” organizing, building alternative economic institutions as part of a broader movement strategy, is at least as old as the left itself.

Popular struggles ranging from earliest modern labor movements in Britain and the US, to the Indian independence movement, to the global Black Liberation movement, to Energiewende and other climate justice campaigns in Europe, have all demonstrated that “resistance” work, to be successful, must go hand in hand with concrete visionary organizing.

These movements built community-controlled institutions to meet people's needs while providing meaningful examples of what a more just and democratic society looks like in practice. Today, when so many, both activists and everyday people, feel short on hope, the role of visionary economic organizing is more important than ever.

This panel features leaders from across the country sharing how their communities have organized to simultaneously fight back far-right attacks and build powerful bottom-up solutions that model economic democracy, sustainability, and social justice as cornerstones of a new world in waiting.

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