Paris food co-op gets American start

PARIS (AP) — The government has shut down, the corner baker is away for a month, and traffic is running with uncanny finesse. It's August in Paris, and the entire city seems to be taking a siesta — not the best time to ask Parisians to take on extra work.

Unless perhaps they're being rewarded with food.

French culture celebrates gourmet cuisine, but it often has been the province of the well-to-do. In an effort to change that, the American founders of a new cooperative grocery association in Paris are trying to democratize access to quality ingredients, but they're asking people to labor a bit for all that flavor.

Residents of France since the early 2000s, co-founders Brian Horihan and Tom Boothe launched La Louve Cooperative this summer, and the food "buyer's club" already is nearly 1,500 members strong.

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