Overthrowing Capitalism, Volume Five - Now Available

Cover of Overthrowing Capitalism Volume Five by the Revolutionary Poets Brigade

This multilingual collection of poets from many countries reflects planetary resistance to the misery that global capitalism is relentlessly inflicting upon the peoples of the world. Anything less than an international response would not reflect the enormity of our solidarity as poets. These poems speak urgently of the international class struggle for revolution and social justice as the very essence of truth and beauty, the struggle to topple the open fascistic dimensions rising today. The poets in this anthology embody an historical memory as vast as our solidarity, as deep as all the struggles of the past that sought to liberate humanity from the scourges of war, racism, sexism, plunder of the environment, of capitalism’s religion of money. Toward this same goal of overthrowing capitalism we say, with the poets in this anthology: Not one step back!
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