International Conference on Self-Management


From April 18th through the 22nd of 2015, a conference will be held at the Inter-University Centre(IUC) in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  This conference, which is open to the general public, will focus on “Revisiting Self-Management: Lessons from its Past; Reflections on the future of social economy and self-managed work.”

The main sponsor of this self-management conference is the International Institute for Self-Management(IIS), and members of the IIS from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Latin America, the UK, the USA, and other countries will be offering presentations, some of which will discuss the state of self-managed and democratic work in their home countries.

Dubrovnik’s IUC has a lengthy and noble history of emphasizing and supporting “inter-disciplinary and cross-national collaboration on global challenges such as human universal values and rights, health, education, poverty and climate, and in addition encouraging east-west collaboration and new north-south initiatives.”

To register, contact the IUC.  Press on “Apply for this conference” in the upper right hand corner.


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