How to Run a Company Like a Pirate

Although the image of pirate captains as businessmen might be a little challenging it’s actually no less exciting. Individual or fleets of pirate ships were often organised into ‘pirate companies’ and each company would be governed by a set of articles called a code. The values contained in these centuries old pirate codes are remarkably similar to that of modern day co-operatives. In a nation where 68% of employees and 75% of part-time employees want more influence at work, it is definitely time to explore how we can be more pirate.


he best way to explore the similarities between pirate companies and co-operatives is by comparing the co-operative values against the pirate codes that have survived, in particular, those of Captains Bartholomew Roberts (1682-1722), George Lowther (?-1723) and Captain John Phillips (?- 1724).

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