How OuiShare is Scaling a Shared Vision Across Countries

OuiShare is a collective – an international community focusing on the collaborative economy and open source.

We produce knowledge, organise events, and connect people, ideas and projects around the sharing economy, fab labs, crowdfunding, the peer-to-peer economy, and society in general.

OuiShare really started a lot with Facebook. That was really the core, how people were able to keep in touch.

We always had this one very important Facebook group, called OuiShare Connectors, which was where all important announcements were made. And sort of maybe decisions, but not really.

Facebook is really hard to document. So we weren’t able to find old discussions – they just disappear. There’s no way to have any reference.

As the community expanded, and we had local groups in many cities and countries. We felt that OuiShare Summits – the time where Connectors gather twice a year to debrief on the past 6 months, develop new projects, and take decisions – couldn’t really be the place for all the decisions we need to take along the way.

Some decisions can be taken by local groups, like the Paris Community, the Barcelona Community, etc. But some decisions have implications for everybody. It’s very hard to discuss and reach consensus with just email and Facebook groups.

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