Help launch Tightshift Laboring Cooperative!

Tightshift Laboring Cooperative’s mission is to model a just, equitable economy, where workers profit from their labor through cooperative ownership. Through this model, we can use our power to build a world where all communities are free. We are a worker-owned laboring service specializing in moving and landscaping services. Our members are primarily formerly incarcerated people and others at risk of entering the criminal justice system. We provide quality services at affordable prices, and handle every job with tender loving care!
As one of DC’s only worker cooperatives, built by formerly incarcerated people, this is truly a community effort. In order to grow the number of workers we can hire, we need to purchase a truck, additional landscaping equipment, and insurance. One of the ways you can support is through your financial contributions, either as a donation, or in exchange for our cleaning, landscaping, and moving services. You can even ‘gift’ these services for the holidays! Check out our fundraising page here.


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