Greetings from the GEO Collective

14 Ways to Help Build the Solidarity Economy with GEO

The active members of the GEO Collective send their greetings and many thanks for the support and interest you have given our work. Whether you have just started visiting our site or if you are a long termer, we are glad to have you.

Our mission is to chronicle, connect, convene, and catalyze activities regarding movements that promote workplace democracy and democratic coordination of the larger economy. The Collective began doing this work 30 years ago. More than a few people have said they have yet to find any web site that houses more information on worker co-ops and workplace democracy than GEO. The others don’t even come close.

In this note we want to invite you to consider whether GEO is a project you would want to support more regularly. Below we suggest a variety of ways you can do this. Some will be easy and simple and some will involve more dynamic ways to contribute.

14 Ways To Help Build the Solidarity Economy with GEO

New challenges mean new ways and opportunities for growing the GEO community. If our mission rings true for you and/or your organization, and if you think GEO can be a significant contributor to promoting democratic movements for economic and social change, please consider the following ways of participating more interactively.

  • SHARING. Whenever you read a piece on GEO that you think others would be interested, pass it on. Bring them to the site.
  • JUMPING IN. Any time you have a strong response to what you have read on GEO, make a comment. Our writers love it.
  • SUBSCRIBING. In the right hand column, at the top, of our home page is a link for subscribing to GEO and receiving our weekly online summary. It includes links to most of the articles, gleanings, and blogs that have appeared on the site that week.
  • DONATING. Underneath that link is a way in which you can make a donation. You can send a one-time donation or commit to giving an amount you choose on a monthly basis. Please pay through PayPal or mail us a check (GEO, P.O. Box 115, Riverdale, MD 20738-0115)

These donations are especially valuable now because being digital rather than print requires significantly more time to keep up with the increased flow of information. While the work to make GEO work well will continue to be done primarily on a volunteer basis, we now need some paid regular p/t staff. At this point we need two people working at least 5 hours per week, and want to pay them $20/hour.  Whatever you donate will help to cover this.

  • GLEANINGS. Now there are thousands of pieces appearing on line that are very relevant to GEO’s work with democratic movements for economic change. Email for information on how you can pass these onto our staff. (These will be the folks your donations will be helping to pay.)
  • COPY EDITING. Publishing a lot of new material means proof reading so that we can assure readers of quality control. Email for information on how you can help out with this work.
  • EDITING. Quality control also requires good editing for the new work we will be publishing on the site. Email for information on how you can help out with this work.
  • WRITING. There is so much happening in so many places and so many different activist sectors. You can report on what is happening in your area or sector. This can also include being on call to cover a story that is hopping in your area or sector. Interested? Please contact us,
  • PUBLISHING. Art, audios, and videos are now as vital to the GEO Newsletter as writing. So don’t be shy. Reach out to us at
  • BLOGGING. Do you have a blog site already that focuses on alternative economics, particularly at the grassroots level? Are you active in alternative enterprises or projects? Let’s see if your work fits on GEO. Contact us at
  • WEB MANAGING and SOCIAL MEDIA. If this work needs explanation, you are like many of us in the Collective: not qualified. J Otherwise, contact us at if you want to see how you can help out here.
  • EVENTS. Periodically GEO initiates and/or joins with other organizations and individuals to produce events that address core movement issues. For example, in 2011 we put on a special one day conference with the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (ECWD) in Baltimore for Advancing the Development of Worker Co-operatives (ADWC). We joined with them again repeated in 2013 in Philadelphia with ADWC II, and are planning to do return in 2015 with ADWC III. In 2012 we assisted the United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives in designing and running a follow-up one-day intensive at its national conference in Boston.
  • We are looking forward to doing more special events. If your organization is interested in exploring such possibilities, please contact us,
  • FUNDRAISING. To expand our capacity to do a good job in fulfilling our mission, we need more money. Do you have skills and desires for raising funds? for planning and coordinating a campaign? for researching sources of funds? for writing grants? For helping out in other ways? If you do and want a role with GEO in this, is the way to contact us.

And then there are two over-the-top ways to be a part of GEO:


What associate members do:

  • Have fun working with and being a part of GEO
  • Help with special projects
  • Write and/or edit for GEO
  • Help with outreach and fundraising
  • Donate to GEO

Associate members’ rights:

  • May attend GEO monthly hangouts
  • May attend GEO Fall and Spring Gatherings
  • BECOMING A COLLECTIVE MEMBER. Well, if you get to the point of wanting to make this kind of commitment, let’s get the Collective together and talk as soon as you do.

Thank you so much for your attention here and for your ongoing support.

We hope that our new web site is as exciting for you as it is for us. It is part of our slow and steady transition from the GEO Newsletter being primarily a print journal to a digital one.  One of our big projects is digitalizing all our past issues and putting them on-line; and we’re already half-way there.  We have many plans, but we have to keep them in line with our capacity and finances. 

Now we are in the post-Occupy world where democratic movements for economic and political change are burgeoning across the country and the globe. Besides needing to go digital to keep up with all that is happening, we have new audiences and a new generation to connect with.

Most of all, our transition to digital formats will enable us to address our mission much better.

In solidarity,

The GEO Collective

Len, Jessica, Jim, John, Michael, Marty, Cheyenna, and Josh (our current active members)