Elderly cooperative is an example of people-centered economy

Deobuleorak Community, a people-centered cooperative for the elderly in Gwangju’s Gwangsan district, is neither an NGO nor a non-profit. It was formed through the voluntary involvement of elderly people and the assistance of citizens, and the local government also took part in the negotiations. The cooperative is turning a profit by running a red bean porridge (patjuk in Korean) restaurant and a tofu factory. It came into being when people were put first, with agency given to the local government, the elderly, and the residents of the area.

“The thing that enabled the success of the Deobuleorak Community was that we empowered the elderly to become participants, instead of objectifying them or relegating them as welfare recipients,” said Min Hyung-bae, mayor of Gwangsan District. Min was a speaker during the plenary session of the 5th Asia Future Forum, which took place on Oct. 22 in Seoul, the first day of the forum.

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