Cooperative Store Stands the Test of Time

Countless other grocery stores in the area, large and small, have closed or changed hands over the decades (Capital Market, Steve’s Market, and Maxham’s Corner Store to name just a few). But in the village of Adamant, 2015 is a milestone year. It marks the 80th year that the Adamant Cooperative store has been continuously serving the residents of the area. To survive that long is a remarkable feat when you consider the vagaries of the economy, changing demographics, and the low-profit margins and cut-throat nature of the retail grocery business.

Perhaps it is sheer luck that has allowed the Adamant Co-op to survive so long. But perhaps it is something else. It is a cooperative, which means, even more so than a mom-and-pop operation, the store belongs to the community it serves. Adamant and the Adamant Cooperative are very closely intertwined. And Adamant is without doubt a unique community.

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