Co-op tool for social entrepreneurs

Creating a cooperative – that is what some young people are doing to get out of the unemployment trap. In this report from Sweden, Generation Y reporter Nuno Prudêncio says in doing so, they are also contributing to the social economy sector.

At the office of Rabash, the day has started early. Around 7.30 in the morning staff and clients are sharing a working breakfast. Rabash, based in Gothenburg, is a rather unusual web design company: it is a cooperative owned in equal parts by its members. Each one gets the same salary and shares responsibilities.

“You don’t have to have lots of money when you start, you don’t need investors,” says web designer and Rabash founder Petter Joelson. “We started with our computers. It gave us an easy way to get people very involved in the company and to get them to feel like ‘I’m a part of this and I’m happy to do the hard work’. If it’s successful, you’re part of that, and if it’s not… Well, sorry, but we’re all in the same position, we’re all in the same boat.”

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