Cafe X Marks the Spot

"Café X: By Any Beans Necessary is a worker-owned co-op. That sets us apart from the classic, capitalistic, profit-making enterprises, for profits sake. We want to enrich our member-owners, pass on communal wealth and knowledge, and provide welcoming space to organize and learn from one another. Café X is a model for how we want to do business as a connected community."

In other words, it ain't Starbucks. It's also been a long time coming: Pollard originally had the idea for it years ago during her participation in an urban leadership program called RISE San Diego (where she met Ramos, a New Media Strategist and founder of My Sound Future). But despite the frequency with which new coffee shops seem to pop up in town, it's been a lengthy process for Café X to blossom into a reality.

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