Best for NYC Workshop, March 7

To tell the story of the collective impact of worker cooperatives on workers and communities in NYC, we invite all worker cooperatives to take the Best for NYC Challenge, which will measure their social and environmental impact. We are hoping to report out the collective impact of worker cooperatives in NYC by the worker cooperative conference in May.

Through this workshop, you will be shown how to use the free business management tool and get a baseline measurement of the impact of your business. You will receive marketing materials and a marketing guide to use to advertise your participation and attract customers and employees to your business. You will also have a chance to be recognized at the Best for NYC awards ceremony in May, and be featured on the Best for NYC media outlets.

By virtue of having a cooperative structure, worker cooperatives are scoring higher compared to other businesses in NYC and seeing greater success with the Challenge; you are already well-positioned to score high and be featured at the awards ceremony. But you must come to this workshop to qualify!

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